Enzymes: DigeZyme®

  • Nutrient requirementsFulfilling your pets’ nutrient requirements is very important and selection of healthy pet food is part of this process. With DigeZyme®, Sabinsa’s latest offering in VetVitals, you don’t have to worry anymore. DigeZyme®, a pet supplement offering a unique blend of 5 essential digestive enzymes, aids in the proper digestion of food. DigeZyme® is an excellent supplement for both carnivorous and omnivorous pets for helping the digestive process using an intelligent and proprietary selection of enzymes. It aids digestive process in both young as well as aging pets. While as a pet supplement, it assists in digestion of food, in the heat processed pet food, DigeZyme® can be added, which can help in providing the essential enzymes lost during the processing while making it more palatable at the same time. The enzyme requirements of pets are very different from humans. As heat processed pet foods are getting widely used today, it is essential to take care of the enzyme requirements of your pets since these heat processed pet foods are usually lacking enzymes which are lost in the processing.

  • The five essential enzymes in the DigeZyme® are:

    All enzymes present in DigeZyme® are sourced from fungal sources and are stable during the processing or formulation. Fungal enzymes also retain their activity while transiting in the gut.
    In both young and aging pets, DigeZyme® in the supplements or added in heat processed food, ensures that your pets get proper nutrition from the food they eat. In addition, it also helps pets to feel satiated with their food as they receive proper nourishment from their food, making the meat and other canned food tender and easily palatable.