Sabinsa brings you the affordable probiotic of choice for pet food and supplements loaded with beneficial organism with better palatability and unmatched stability.

LactoSpore® contains spore forming bacteria, Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856, manufactured at a cGMP facility under strictest conditions to provide your pet the highest quality from our ingredient,

free from any hormones or preservatives. With the spore forming ability, LactoSpore® ensures that each batch of your pet food contains the guaranteed amount of our probiotic strain. Single strain of bacteria B coagulans MTCC 5856 in LactoSpore® is capable of passing safely through the pet’s stomach and survive the stomach acid and flourish in the intestine. LactoSpore® provides a safer and effective probiotic choice for your pet, stabilizing their intestinal flora. Studies on probiotics have shown that they can help to control the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the gut.

Formulations with LactoSpore®

Formulations with LactoSpore® does not require refrigeration and hence the pet food and supplements can be stored at room temperature without the need of refrigeration for guaranteed count of bacteria.

With LactoSpore®,

you get more choices for prebiotics, earlier restricted to only FOS and inulin. LactoSpore® does not contain soy or dairy allergens. LactoSpore® can be given in the pet supplements or pet food in dosage ranging from 1 X 108 to 4.5 X 1011.

(Probiotics in GI health, S22C, Western Veterinary Conference 2013).

LactoSpore® makes a great addition to your pet food, providing a healthy and safe probiotic that you can be sure will be delivered.